5 Best Free, Open-source Business Intelligence Tools List

Open-source Business Intelligence Tools – On the forums of technology, free & open-source business intelligence (BI) tools are in high volumes of search. So, we will provide you with a business intelligence tools list to consider.

As we know, full-service business intelligent software may quickly get expensive. However, free, open-source BI platforms are helpful to control budget.

Business Intelligence Tools List: Free & Open-source

Free, open-source BI platforms usually come with simple charts meeting the basic needs. To help you to find the best one, here we share BI tools comparison.

1.    FineReport

It adopts famous three-tier architecture. What makes it great is the reporting capability where it can integrate with various data sources seamlessly.

So, you can import data conveniently from Ms. Excel, empowering historical data. Besides that, it also comes with data entry feature, too.

Anyway, this software is free, without function & time limits. Because of that, FineReport suits a personal user.

2.    FineBI

Then, this modern software aims for anyone who needs data analysis. It allows anyone to use it to build a pro BI dashboard easily.

With this tool, you will also get helpful insights. Then, you can drive your company forward.

Providing a simple interface, custom development will be much easier. That’s why we include it in this business intelligence tools list.

3.    Tableau Public

This software is ideal for creative persons to learn with a minimal investment about the products.

Furthermore, prospective customers may use it for accessing various apps of Desktop & Server. In addition, this software is similar but it removes the functionality of downloading.

4.    BIRT

This is another open-source business intelligence tools free that is best for a small business. What makes it great is its ability of BI reporting where it offers handy features.

You need to know that this tool consists of 2 main components. The first is an Eclipse-based report designer whereas the second one is a run time component.

5.    KNIME

Last, this tool specializes for not only data linkage but also data integration and data analysis.

Then, this tool has various capabilities that will be useful for the operations of your business/company.

With this tool, you can build effective pipelines of data. Moreover, you can use it to make a predictive model for different domains of business as well as types of models.

That’s a business intelligence tools list that offers some benefits as they are free & open-sources. Since they can meet basic needs, those tools are ideal for small companies/ businesses.